Classroom Visits


Students visiting The Foster will examine art and ideas through a variety of interactive activities.


Museum Looks and Picture Books (Preschool) — 75 minutes

Students will listen to a story that is thematically tied to Tony Foster’s paintings. The group will then have a short, guided tour of the museum, focusing on artwork that has common elements to the book. Students will engage with the artwork, the museum educator and their teacher and peers, through observation and discussion. The visit includes a hands-on art project linked to the book content and exhibition. 

Look and Learn (K–3rd grade) — 120 minutes

Students will take an interactive journey through Tony Foster’s painting diaries by looking closely and thinking critically while paying close attention to detail. Visitors will learn about how artist Tony Foster not only creates beautiful paintings but also includes detailed stories and souvenirs with each artwork. Students will document their visit creatively with an art making activity.

Artists and Nature (4th–8th grades) — 120 minutes

Students will take a look at the way artist Tony Foster documents nature with his amazing watercolors of wild places. Visitors will hear stories of how Tony travels on foot, by canoe or raft, while carrying his camping and painting equipment. Learn how he paints only from nature, often in the most difficult and painful circumstances. This visit includes a nature journaling art activity.

Sacred Paintings (9th–12th grades) — 120 minutes

Students will explore Tony Foster’s Sacred Places: Watercolour Diaries from the American Southwest journey and learn about the significance of the four corners region of the United States to varying faiths and cultures. Witness the beauty of the landscape and learn about the deep spiritual connections held by several faiths and belief traditions. Students are encouraged to bring sketchbooks to document their visit through sketch-journaling.

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