Field Trip Adventures


Choose from one of our preplanned 1.5–2 hour experiences, and we will provide you with a detailed itinerary. All Field Trip Adventures include a facilitated program, gallery exploration, and opportunities for students to apply their understanding through interactive activities that explore the intersections of art and nature.

Offered Monday–Friday, September through May.

imagination station (Preschool) — 75 minutes

Students are immersed in one of Tony Foster’s journeys as they become animals in search of food, water, and shelter within one of the depicted habitats. Each visit includes story time and a hands-on art project through which students can share their wilderness adventures.

adventure club (K–3rd grade) — 120 minutes

Uncover the clues that Tony Foster left behind and embark on an interactive journey in Foster’s footsteps. Participants will learn how artist Tony Foster not only creates beautiful paintings but also tells the story of his journey with each work. The visit includes an art making activity through which students can share their own stories.

intersections and explorations (4th–8th grades) — 120 minutes

Students will take a deeper look at artist-explorer Tony Foster’s adventurous process. Participants will hear stories of the ways in which Foster continues his search for inspiring perspectives, even through difficult and painful circumstances. This visit includes an introduction to nature journaling, in which students learn how they can document and share their own perspectives through art.

into the wild (9th–12th grades) — 120 minutes

Tony Foster’s journeys offer a unique perspective on how to convey one’s space, place, and experience with others. During this program, students witness and discuss the beauty of each landscape while exploring the significance of Foster’s depictions of the natural world. Students will be introduced to the art of nature journaling, and will be invited to start their own journals in the galleries.

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