Non-Profit Event


The Crossroads of Art and Environment

The mission of The Foster is to share artist-explorer Tony Foster’s powerful watercolor journeys to inspire reflection, discussion, and education about art, wilderness, and the natural world. We offer our space at a discount to other mission-aligned non-profits.

Types of Events

The Foster can hold many types of events. Here are just a few of the more widely used. 

  1. Lecture style

  2. Cocktail reception

  3. Board meeting

  4. Open house

  5. Donor thank you

  6. Volunteer recognition

General Rules

  1. Garbage, compost, or recycling generated by your guests needs to leave with you.

  2. We do not allow flames of any kind (even candles or chafing dishes).

  3. You will need to bring enough people with you to properly setup before, and clean up after, your event.

  4. Events and meetings during open hours are limited to either the large, back gallery space or the 12-person conference room.


We have a preferred vendor list. These are caterers and other vendors that have been in our space before. You may use a vendor not on our list; however we ask that these caterers come in for a facility walk through at least a week before your event.

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