What is a Foster Journey?

British artist-explorer Tony Foster’s body of work includes sixteen watercolor “journeys”—painting projects based on a wilderness theme—that often involve multiple expeditions and can take years to complete. Some journeys are specific to a particular place while others span entire regions or global concepts.

First viewing of  The Whole Salmon , Salmon River, Idaho, 2002.

First viewing of The Whole Salmon, Salmon River, Idaho, 2002.

Since 1982, Foster has undertaken sixteen “journeys”—painting projects based on a wilderness theme that is comprised of ten to fifty paintings and often involves multiple expeditions.

Foster’s Journeys, or watercolour diaries, can take up to ten years to complete. These Journeys have included subjects ranging from mountains and canyons, rainforests and deserts, the Arctic and the tropics, to volcanoes, coral reefs, and such iconic natural areas such as the Grand Canyon and Mount Everest. He frequently endures harsh weather and challenging travel conditions to reach and document remote sites. Between trips, Foster resides in the Cornish village of Tywardreath, England.

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