“The space is … perfectly created for art that so strongly, yet so gently, invites the viewer to moments of restful meditation.”

—Karen Olsen, artist


The Foster is currently showing two complete watercolor journeys. A third exhibition showcases representative paintings, travel photographs, quotes and stories from past journeys. Click on a button below to view more information about each exhibition.


Exploring Beauty: Watercolour Diaries from the Wild

Tony Foster’s most recent journey spans the globe with painting sites nominated by leading scientists, explorers, writers, and environmentalists as “the most beautiful places in the world.”


Sacred Places: Watercolour Diaries from the American Southwest

For his 15th journey, Tony Foster traveled to the Four Corners region to paint landscapes deemed sacred by Native Americans, Catholics, Mormons and New Age practitioners.


Wilderness Journeys: The Art of Tony Foster

This selection of paintings is curated from each of Tony Foster’s fourteen earlier watercolor journeys.


Tony Foster Orientation

Tony Foster has been trekking into the wilderness to make watercolor journeys for 40 years. An orientation space provides an overview of the artist’s travels, his exhibition history, catalogs and a space to view short videos that explain his unique and compelling approach to art making.