Tony Foster, Cabezon Peak from a Mesa to the North, 2011  |  Watercolor and graphite on paper, talisman of mixed media symbolic objects including a stone arrowhead by Homer Etherton, map, mixed media Zuni coyote fetish  |  36 x 35 3/4 in. / 3 x 33 5/8 in.

Tony Foster Journey 15 | 2010–12 | 32 artworks

Sacred Places: Watercolour Diaries from the American Southwest

Painting locations: Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, Utah

This Journey documents Foster’s research and travel to the Four Corners region of the American Southwest as he painted landscapes deemed sacred by Native Americans, Catholics, New Age practitioners, and Mormons.

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“It was about the human need to revere certain natural places in the world.”
— Tony Foster

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Painting locations

  • United States
    • Arizona
    • Colorado
    • New Mexico
    • Utah

Exhibition Catalogue

The Sacred Places: Watercolour Diaries of the Southwest catalog contains detailed information about and reproductions of Tony Foster’s artworks comprising his 15th Journey.

Download a PDF of the softcover exhibition catalogue.

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Past Tour locations


  • Gerald Peters Gallery, Santa Fe, New Mexico
  • Museum of Northern Arizona, Flagstaff
  • The Foster, Palo Alto, California (ongoing)

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Watch videos about Tony Foster’s concept for Sacred Places, his process, and the extreme conditions he faces painting on site.

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