Tony Foster, Phantom Ranch to Granite Rapids, 1988  |  Watercolor and graphite on paper  |  22 1/2 x 31 1/4 in.  |  1988.1.9

Tony Foster Journey 4 | 1988–89 | 48 artworks

Exploring the Grand Canyon

Painting locations: Grand Canyon, Arizona

While initially hesitant to paint such an iconic and well-known landmark as the Grand Canyon, Tony Foster was ultimately convinced by his good friend, geologist Bill Brace. The challenge, and the reason for his apprehension, lay in capturing the Canyon in a manner different than the myriad artists and photographers that had been there before. Foster quickly fell in love with the majestic landscape and ultimately succeeded in portraying the region from a new perspective. He painted both from the canyon edge and down along the Colorado River, through which he traveled. The Grand Canyon has since remained one of his favorite landmarks.

Painting locations

  • United States
    • Grand Canyon, Arizona

Past Tour locations


  • Plymouth Arts Center, England
  • Newlyn Orion Art Gallery, Penzance, England
  • Montgomery Gallery, San Francisco, California

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